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Time & What Must Be Done
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Who is The Honorable Elijah Muhammad?
  > Muhammad Speaks
  > Who is Master Fard Muhammad?
  > The Honorable Elijah Muhammad: The Eternal Leader
  > Farrakhan-The Early Days: Rebuilding the Nation of Islam
Stop The Killing: How to Produce Black on Black Love
  > The Time and What Must Be Done
  > Stop the Killing: How to Produce Black on Black Love
  > The Benefit of Atonement
  > The Pain of Uniting Black Leadership
Self Improvement: The Basis for Community Development
  > Self-Improvement
  > Mental Health: The Renewing of The Mind
  > The Drug Conspiracy
The Knowledge of God and Self
  > The Black Man and Woman-Chosen of God: The Fulfillment of Scripture
  > Liberation Theology
What is Islam?
  > Did You Know Muslims Believe in Jesus Too?
  > Ending Division in Religion
  > The Power of The Black Church
  > The Responsibility of The Black Pastor
  > What is Islam?
  > Shoulder The Mission of Prophet Muhammad
Healing Black Male - Female Relationships
  > Message to The Blackman
  > The Black Woman: The Second Self of God
  > Our Youth: Chosen to Lead
  > There is Nothing More Important with God Than Family
Re-Education: The New Paradigm
  > Re-Education: The New Paradigm
  > Holiday Lies
  > Interviews / Questions & Answers
  > International Questions & Answers
The Black Man Must Build for Self
  > The Black Man Must do for Self or Suffer the Consequences
  > A Call to The Black Professional
  > Creating a Third Political Force: The Party of The Poor
History: The Legacy of Our Struggle
  > History: The Legacy of Our Struggle
  > Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: More Than "I Have a Dream"
  > Malcolm X
  > Black and White: A Solution to The Race Problem
  > Slavery and The Science of WIllie Lynch
The Coming of Justice
  > Reparations and Separation
  > The Answer to Police Brutality and Racial Profiling
  > Divine Law and The Coming of Justice
  > Who Speaks for Us?
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